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HOA Board Election Meeting
Thursday, April 23, 2015
7pm - 8pm
Idlewild Baptist Church
1234 Gunn Highway
Odessa, FL 33556

Please come out and vote for 2 new board members. This will be a very short meeting to elect the new board and should take less than 30 minutes.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete the proxy form you received in the mail and either give it to a neighbor to bring to the meeting, email it to us at or contact us at 813.444.3925 and a board member will pick it up from you.

Immediately folowing the election meeting, we will have a regular board meeting to discuss new community business.

Are you interested in joining the Ashley Lakes HOA board?

Do you want to help make important decisions about the Ashley Lakes community? Would you be committed to making decisions that affect you and your neighbors? Could you volunteer a few hours every month to the improvement of your community?
If so, you should join the Ashley Lake HOA board.

Email us at ashleylakeshoaboard for a candidate form. Your candidate form must be submitted by Monday, April 20, 2015 for your name to be on the ballot at Thursday's meeting.

HOA Board Candidates
Below are the candidates for the 2 open spots on the HOA board. Please take some time and review their information, so you are ready to cast your vote Thursday.
Melissa Ceyrolles

Our family built our home in Ashley Lakes in 2004. We brought it when it was still a forest! We look at our home as a place of refuge and it is important for us to feel welcome. We have young children and we want to provide them an enjoyable, safe environment where they can grow up in an enriched environment. We love our community and value our neighbors that we've come to call friends over the years. We are so grateful to know them! We believe in supporting each other and helping when we see an opportunity to do so. We seek peace and comfort and we wish this for all our neighbors.

I love my community and want to do everything I can to see improvements implemented. I would like to see the following improvements in 2015: HOA meetings should be recorded and posted (unedited) online for homeowners to view; HOA minutes should be emailed to all homeowners; HOA expenditures require majority-rule voting by Ashley Lakes homeowners; and processes should be in place to overrule HOA policies and determinations. I'd like to rally more community involvement. I'd like to see our HOA serving our community. Ashley Lakes should be a sought after place to live, where the residents love their homes.

Robert Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a valued member of the Ashley Lakes community. He attends many HOA meetings and would like the chance to serve his community and neighbors.

Jim O'neil

I've lived in Ashley Lakes since the very beginning, even before most of the other houses were built. My wife and I moved from St. Petersburg. I have one son who goes to Odessa Elementary school. We like living in Ashley Lakes and find our neighbors to be friendly amicable folks. We plan to stay for a long time. As for work, I run a business consulting firm (O'Neil and Associates). I also write books on business related subjects.

I'm a strong believer in property rights. I think you should be able to do what you want with your property as long as you don't break any laws or infringe on your neighbor's right to enjoy their property. I would vote to abolish the fining comittee or greatly rein in their authority and size of the fines they can impose. I think you shuld be allowed to paint your house whatever color pleases you; after all it is your house. I've been on the board for almost 2 years and whenever I have a chance, I've voted againist foreclosing on the houses of people who owed money to the HOA. I think there are less dramatic methods of encouraging people to pay what's due. I am almost always in the minority when such matters are put to vote, but at least I cast one vote in favor of your right to use your own property as you see fit.

JD Massey

JD is a long time resident of Ashley Lakes. He is a small business owner, father of four and active member of his church. JD would like to serve on the HOA board, so that he can be a part of making the important decisions that effect our entire community.




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